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Authorized Dealer of Aristocrat Awnings and Solar Shades.

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Blue Gray Awning

There is nothing more enjoyable on a warm, sunny day than being outside on your patio, deck or terrace relaxing with a good book or entertaining family and friends. However, heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun can hinder your plans and limit the amount of quality time you spend outside. More...



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Aristocrat Retractable Awnings provide cool, comfortable shade when you need it, protect you from the sun and enhance your outdoor living experience. With the world's finest selection of solid and striped color fabrics, Aristocrat Awnings can add beauty and value to your home. Awnings also help you save energy by reducing the amount of solar heat gain in your home and lowering your cooling needs and cost. Precision made by Craf-tBilt Manufacturing.

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Aris Freestanding

Aristocrat Retractable Canopies are versatile and decorative shading structures that can be installed freestanding or mounted to your home or other outdoor structure wherever you are looking to create a comfortable, shaded retreat. The Aristocrat Under Pergola Canopy trolley system is also adaptable to attach directly to the rafters of any size existing pergola, providing welcome shade to this trendy structure. This appealing shading solution helps protect you by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun that cause skin cancer by as much as 94%. More...

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Estate Awning 2A

You don't have to wait a minute longer to get the bath of your dreams. Bath Planet has a unique system for 'magically' transforming your bathroom-faster, easier and more affordable than you ever thought possible. We offer a wide selection of solutions for your bathroom remoldeling needs including: acrylic bath and shower systems, like replacement bathtubs, wall surrounds, shower liners and more. Plus, we offer cutting edge accessibility options like tub-to-shower conversions. walk-in-tubs and barrier-free-showers.Isn't it time you gave yourself the bathroom you've allways wanted?More...

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Estate Awning 8A

Precision made by Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, a leader in the home improvement industry since 1964, Aristocrat Awnings feature the latest advancements in technology, electronics and engineering to provide beautifully crafted and durable products truly worthy of their name - ARISTOCRAT. Unlike fixed frame awnings, Aristocrat retractable awnings never need seasonal removal and can be opened and closed at your discretion. A motorized option allows you to easily control your awning at the push of a button, while optional sensors can automatically operate your awning when sun or wind is detected. More...

Estate Awning 14a.

Estate Awning 14a

The Craft-Bilt Fabric Collection. features the finest selection of ameracan and European awning fabrics, In hundreds of colors and patterns. The solution dyed acrylic fabrics, are designed to be durable, resit mildew and maintain exceptional colorfastness and vibrancy. .More...